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Relationships because NO means NO

so my relationship is done. we have talked and it is completely done. My heart says no but my mind says yes! I have become homesick, and depressed. Not just cause of this but because these past 3 months have been hell. I noticed that I need to first be happy with myself to be happy with others. my world has revolved around this relationship for a year and 9 months and i’ve completely lost myself in this journey in order to make him happy. I have done the impossible and i have tried to fixed it. But if there is something he was good for was to make me feel at fault. I won’t let someone walk all over me and absolutely hurt me with his words. I have moved backwards instead of moving forward. There is no turning back even if it hurts my heart. I have made the best decision.  

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Joaquin Phoenix in To Die For (Gus Van Sant 1995)

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