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been feeling good about myself  these past 2 days………. I finally feel like I let go of it and I am no longer emotionally dependent which is what I needed. I go out and of coarse I still think stuff and good times but it goes away fast…. I come home and can finally sleep. Therapy is really been helping me so much with this and also the support of so many friends. It is crazy but when I usually get into a relationship I give my all to it that I forget what surrounds me, I been talking to so many of my friends and getting closer than ever, it feels good to have such connection, something that I totally forgot about for awhile. 

Btw guardians of the galaxy was awesome. 

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"La soledad enseña más que cualquier compañía."
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I wanna meet someone’s who’s going to be like ‘hey wake up I’m taking you on an adventure’

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Things I love part II

-school girl skirts

-late night conversations with friends

-the sound of spanish guitar

-flamenco,tango, belly dancing

-button up shirts on girls


-beautiful parks

-season changes (specially Summer to Autumn and Winter to Spring).

-Banjos, and flutes

-staring at ceiling fans and feeling the air hit my face.

-conversations that make you feel good about life

-bike rides with friends

-drinking coffee in the morning

-getting an “I miss you” from someone you haven’t seen in a while

-making juice

-making bracelets

-comfy oversize t shirts

-learning about make up

-Halloween time because of the idea of monsters and witches and lots of orange

-wood carving and furniture that looks old and has character

-black everything


- Bubble tea


-mangos, kiwis, passion fruit

-scented oils

-when that favorite song comes out in the radio

-going to the gym when no one is around

-flexing your bony body in front of the mirror because who gives a dam

-mirrors that look old.


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"I want us to make each other better."
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